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Acquirers, owner/sellers, consultants, pioneering academics and PE portfolio managers - our team has seen it all.

That's why we built our technology to give you the same view - rapidly, easily and without pain. 


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Odaptix Data and Team in Action:

Integrating Roll Ups 

When a Fortune 500 behemoth acquired a smaller, regional player, they knew that hundreds of millions in shareholder value hinged upon their ability to avoid cultural obstacles. Odaptix identified the hierarchies,  divisions, geographies and functions that warranted the most attention, and worked closely to craft and execute an action plan.

Odaptix Data and Team in Action

Merging Leadership Teams

Odaptix culture tools played a major role in smoothing the integration of to large oil and gas companies' upstream business units. Areas of potential misalignment were addressed immediately post-closing and years of possible culture-clashes across the division were spared.

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